Silver Line® by Andersen

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  • Energy Efficient Silver Line® Windows

    Silver Line® by Andersen offers the energy saving, high quality windows you want in your home.

    • Double Hung
      Both sashes move up and down, and many Silver Line® double hung windows also have both sashes tilt in for easy cleaning from inside your home.
    • Single Hung
      The bottom sash moves up and down in this type of window, allowing for a more economical version of the popular double hung window. Many Silver Line single hung windows offer a tilt-in bottom sash for easier cleaning from inside the home.
    • Sliding
      One or more sashes slide back and forth horizontally for easy ventilation.
    • Casement
      A casement window is hinged on one side to allow the window to swing out. Silver Line® casement windows offer convenient folding handles to prevent interference with window coverings.
    • Awning
      An awning window is hinged at the top and swings out to provide ventilation while keeping out the elements.
    • Hopper
      Hopper windows are hinged at the bottom and open inward. Frequently used in basements, these economical windows bring ventilation and light to your rooms.
    • Bay Window
      Silver Line bay windows offer angular interest with either casement or double hung windows angled around a center picture window to bring in light and ventilation.
    • Bow Window
      Silver Line bow windows offer casement windows elegantly angled for the ultimate design and style option.
    • Garden
      Silver Line garden windows are available in multiple styles and sizes to fit your space and bring a piece of the outdoors in. The front section opens out with awning windows.
  • Sliding Patio Doors

    • 5800 Series
      The popular 5800 Series sliding patio door offers a sturdy, elegant and energy efficient design.
    • 5500 Series
      This budget-conscious sliding patio door is available either assembled or as separate parts.
    • 5800 Impact Series
      This impact resistant Weather Stopper® version of our 5800 Series sliding patio door is designed to withstand severe weather in coastal regions.