Ply Gem Stone


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  • Fieldstone

    Ply Gem Stone FieldstoneA modest arrangement inspired by a selection of traditional stone varieties, Our Fieldstone choices offer a casual mosaic of irregular shapes, hues, and textures that merge for a quaint homegrown character. The beauty of our Fieldstone collection is in the rugged informality offered by each stone variety, and the way these imperfect stones team to create a perfectly unique veneer. Like a puzzle, the stones fit together succinctly and complement one another’s naturally inspired edges.

  • Tuscan Fieldstone

    Ply Gem Stone Tuscan FieldstoneOur most unique pattern features a rustic surface combined with the look and feel of old-world craftsmanship.

  • Shadow Ledgestone

    Ply Gem Stone Shadow LedgestoneMolded directly from an old Civil War fence row, our eye-catching Shadow Ledgestone reveals the look of tailored stacked stone, but with the added flamboyance of serrated edges. Organized closely atop one another, Shadow Ledgestone creates a bold facade resulting from the dynamic interplay of surface stone, crags and spaces. Structured in similarity to nature, Shadow Ledgestone can lend a unique horizontal balance to the personality of your living or working environment.

  • Ledgestone

    Ply Gem Stone LedgestoneThe flat, smooth edges of the Ledgestone design provide a clean and modern look. With the appearance of structured simplicity, the randomly stacked stones add visual depth and texture that will complement your living environment for years to come.

  • Cut Cobblestone

    Ply Gem Stone Cut CobblestoneInvite classic European elegance into your home or business. Our beautiful Cut Cobblestone mirrors the old-world style of Europe’s traditional cobblestone streets. Each hue and texture is carefully chosen to resemble the unique qualities of natural stone, and finished using a process that records nature’s unique surface inconsistencies. With 16 varieties to choose from, this nostalgic stone is sure to give your new or existing building an historical flair.

  • Cobblestone

    Ply Gem Stone CobblestoneAn alternative to our Cut Cobble variety, Cobblestone offers a more refined old-world style stone with smooth texture and predictable edges. Available in seven unique hues, Cobblestone reflects a one-of-a-kind style that’s equally at home in any design.

  • Ridgestone

    Ply Gem Stone RidgestoneStacked similar to a ledgestone, our Ridge application offers the added subtlety of rippled edges. Modeled to appear as if water has washed over the surface, Ridgestone captures nature’s true nuances and the appeal of natural rock formation. A universal variety, Ridgestone offers the consistency of horizontal balance with the irregularity of unique textures.

  • Riverstone

    Ply Gem Stone RiverstoneIdentified by its shiny appearance and smooth shape, the Riverstone is an appropriately popular choice for both interior and exterior designs. Available in a variety of earthy tones, the Riverstone reflects a distinctive, but unpretentious appeal.