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  • Hand-Split Shake EZ

    Expressing your love of nature is a task endearingly executed with Exteria’s Hand-Split Shake siding. This style of siding perfectly captures the imperfect beauty and character of real cedar for you to savor for years to come. The rugged appearance of Hand-Split Shake is faithfully recreated in its 8 3/4-inch shingle exposure, exhibiting deeply-grained cedar-style panels with charisma and charm that would make a real cedar tree do a double-take.

    Show Your Personality.

  • Hand-Laid Brick

    Affordable beauty is at hand.

    Substance and style – that’s the ageless attraction of a house that uses brick. But real brick’s curb appeal can crumble without costly and labor-intensive attention. Enter Exteria’s Hand-Laid Brick siding, the low-cost, self-sufficient siding alternative with lasting good looks. Now you can enjoy the well-built, authentic look of brick without lifting a finger.

    Extraordinary Realism.

  • Hand-Cut Stone

    There’s an aura of classic beauty and permanence to hand-cut stone. It’s the kind of exterior that never loses its distinctive style or prestige. Let Exteria’s Hand-Cut Stone bring you all of the strength, durability, and aesthetics of real stone minus the expense of expensive masonry. We’re keeping replica stone siding real…and real affordable, too.

    Extraordinary Realism.

  • Stacked Stone Original

    With its enduring appeal and stately prominence, Exteria’s Stacked Stone core product is an inviting alternative for budget-minded residential applications. With a Limited Lifetime Warranty, this authentic stone replica siding is the right material to instill a home with low-maintenance good looks that stand the test of time.

    Beauty. Durability. Affordability.

  • Stacked Stone Premium

    The look of natural stone is widely imitated – but Exteria’s Stacked Stone Premium siding revolutionary realism makes it indistinguishable from old-world masonry. Our Stacked Stone Premium composite cladding is masterfully crafted using real stone as a template. Our life like stone textures and color variations create unprecedented authenticity, while our Proprietary Coating System enhances longevity and brilliance. Add easy installation and remarkable affordability, and the vintage appeal of stacked stone is a tradition you can bring home for keeps.

    Beauty. Durability. Affordability.

  • Scalloped Perfection

    Looking for that extra design embellishment that’s always in perfect taste? Scalloped Perfection Siding can help make your home a focal point of exquisite detailing with eye-catching curves that instantly have the look of a classic restoration. Redefined realism that suits your style of living. It’s the inspiration behind the Exteria siding experience.

    Extraordinary Realism.

  • RoughSawn Cedar Single EZ

  • Cedar Pride

    Rustic meets irresistible.

    A warm welcoming air permeates Exteria’s Cedar Pride siding. This enchanting profile is a tribute in authenticity that always makes the right statement. Exteria’s Cedar Pride, with its 9-inch shingle exposure and realistic staggered edge, is siding that will always gratify and delight the homeowner who sees the always-in-style evidence of their good taste coming and going.

    Breathtaking Curb Appeal.